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Roofit.Solar successfully raises €6.45 million to boost integrated solar roofs

Beautiful house with Roofit.Solar's integrated solar roof in Estonia - a lucky family who has gone solar

8 Reasons to Go Solar with Roofit.Solar

Solar energy has clear environmental advantages

What are the environmental benefits of solar energy?

It is a widely known fact that going solar is the best way to become energy independent and reduce electricity bills. However, in addition to the financial side, it also has huge benefits for our planet. Switching to solar energy on a large scale would have a profound positive environmental impact and we all can be a part of it.

The key advantages of solar energy on the environment are:

solar inverter in a garage

Solar inverters explained

A solar inverter is one of the most important elements of a solar system. As solar panels produce direct current (DC) electricity that cannot be consumed by homes, an inverter comes into play. It converts DC electricity into alternating current (AC), the electricity that can be fed into your home to operate your appliances.


Types of residential solar energy systems

Choosing the most suitable solar system for you depends on your location, energy needs and budget. There are three main types of residential solar energy systems – on-grid, grid-tied and off-grid.

10 solar myths and facts you need to know

We tell the truth behind the most widespread solar myths and facts that you need to know if you are thinking of going solar.

Everything you need to know about solar batteries

Solar batteries store surplus energy generated by solar panels. They can be used to power your house on cloudy, rainy days or after the sun goes down. Using electricity from a battery can be cheaper per kilowatt-hour than using electricity from the grid – depending on the time of day.

The best direction for solar panels

Choosing the right orientation of a solar energy system is as important as choosing the type of panels you choose. In this article, we discuss the main factors you need to know when deciding the best direction for your solar panels.

Ürduma Brewery with solar roof

Why do solar panels degrade?

Solar panels become less effective as time passes by. There are various factors that affect the degradation speed and rate of solar panels. Some of them are related to manufacturing while others are connected to weather, installation, or maintenance of the solar system.

Roofit.Solar successfully passes Kiwa Cermet certification

Roofit.Solar closes Series A investment round at €6.4M led by BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures

The lead investor for the round is BayWa r.e. AG, a group of 20,000 employees operating in more than 50 countries. The investment round was supported by EdgeCap Partners, and Estonian entrepreneurs Taavet Hinrikus and Sten Tamkivi.