About us


Roofit Solar Energy OÜ is an Estonian company headquartered in Tallinn which operates in the field of Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and produces a 2-in-1 innovative product: a metal roof with integrated solar panels. It looks like traditional steel roofs and electrically is as powerful as conventional solar panels. 

This unique technology was born out of personal need and comes from a researcher at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) Andri Jagomägi, the founder and CEO of Roofit.solar. Andri has been actively researching and testing solar panels for over 15 years and when it came to the planning of his own house construction, he wanted to have such a solar roof that looked like a regular roof and generated electricity at the same time. Already existing solutions were quite costly, bulky and unaesthetic so Jagomägi decided to invent the desired product himself and for this purpose he founded Roofit.solar in 2016. Later on, other co-founders, including Andres Anijalg (COO) and Raimond Russak (CFO) joined Roofit.solar.

From the left: Andri Jagomägi (CEO), Andres Anijalg (COO) and Raimond Russak (CFO)

Roofit.solar product introduction (in the local market) got so much attention that already in 2017, the first Roofit.solar roofs were installed in Estonia.  

Roofit.solar focuses on the premium quality and safety measures. To date, there are more than 100 Roofit.solar roofs in Estonia, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia and Kenya. Apart from the excellent visual aspect and innovativeness of our product, we promote green energy to mitigate climate change. Unlike the use of fossil fuels, that emit high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and cause severe health and ecological damage, sunlight is free, renewable, infinite, and easily accessible, therefore, our solar roofs help to reduce harmful effects of carbon footprint and diminish global pollution levels.

The team behind Roofit Solar Energy has experience in research, large-scale international energy projects, product development, export and high-quality service. We have an individual approach towards each client and do our best to provide them with premium quality solar roofs that are efficient, weatherproof and durable for decades to come. And this is just the beginning. We work hard to make solar metal roofs accessible for more and more people around the globe to change the way the world is powered.


  • Engie UK – Winner of the Whole House Retrofit Solution competition, 2018
  • InnoEnergy and Veolia – PowerUp! competition: Clean Air Challenge Award 2019
  • German Energy Agency and World Energy Council – Top 3 finalist at Startup Energy Transition, 2019
  • Estonian Ministry of Environment – Winner of Environmentally Friendly Product of the Year 2018
  • Swedish Steel Prize 2019 – Finalist
  • Europe Business Awards for the Environment 2020-2021– Finalist
  • Tallinn Entrepreneurship Awards - Solution for the Future 2020 award