8 Reasons to Go Solar with Roofit.Solar

Beautiful house with Roofit.Solar's integrated solar roof in Estonia - a lucky family who has gone solar

If you are one of those planning to go solar this year and looking for design as well as proven solar technology, look no further. Roofit.Solar is here to support you on your solar journey with our expert team, premium-quality solar roofs, and passion for the planet!

Here are the 8 reasons – out of many – to go solar with Roofit.Solar’s integrated roofs. 

In short, Roofit.Solar offers you:

  1. A smart, integrated solution
  2. Safe and durable products
  3. A unique combination of design and technology
  4. Guidance and support from a team of experts
  5. Full-service installation 
  6. Integrated solar roofs with a payback opportunity 
  7. A 10-year warranty 
  8. The chance to reduce both your energy bills and your carbon footprint


Let’s start by introducing Roofit.Solar – what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

Introducing Roofit.Solar and our solar roofs

Supported by top-notch investors in Europe, Roofit.Solar is an award-winning integrated solar roof solution that offers complete packages of solar systems, including solar batteries,  solar inverters, and other necessary equipment. The company is located in Estonia, and also has  two offices in Sweden and Germany. 

Today, there are thousands of proud solar roof owners across Europe who have chosen to go solar with us and been enjoying our products ever since.  Do you want to be one of them?

Roofit.Solar team, cheerfully standing in front of a building with a Roofit.Solar integrated solar roof

At Roofit.Solar, we prioritise the quality and safety of our products. 

We currently have two types of solar roofs . 

Roofit.Solar Double Seam 2023 Solar roof panels with efficiency and length information


  • Double Seam 2023 Solar Roof Panels

Rated power: 115W / 145W / 175W

Efficiency: 155 W/m²

Effective roof coverage:  550 x 1377 mm / 550 x 1698 mm / 550 x 2020 mm


Roofit.Solar Click Solar roof panels with efficiency and length information
  • Click Solar Roof Panels

Rated power: 155W / 235W 

Efficiency: 160 W/m²

Effective roof coverage:  712 x 1377 mm / 712 x 2023 mm


While each one of them come with different rated power, efficiency, roof coverage, and weight, they all have Class A (highest) fire rating and Mono PERC technology.

To learn more about our solar modules and see their features, take a look at our product page.

Now, let’s take a closer look at why you should go solar with us.

Why you should choose to go solar with Roofit.Solar

1. A smart, integrated solution

As of today, Roofit.Solar has helped hundreds of residential houses, businesses, and historical buildings go solar. This includes notable institutions such as the University of Tartu and National Library in Estonia.

Solar PV system at University of Tartu - the university decided to go solar with Roofit.Solar
University of Tartu, Estonia


What makes us stand out? The answer is that we offer a “2-in-1” solution that we are proud of.

This means that when you choose Roofit.Solar, you get both a durable roof and  integrated solar panels with proven solar technology. 

Roofit.Solar’s integrated metal roofs are based on traditional roofing techniques, combined with an aesthetic look and tried-and-tested photovoltaic (PV) technology.

(If you are not familiar with PV, learn more about it in our article How Solar PV System Works.)

The fully integrated mono PERC cells – widely used in the PV industry – in Swedish-made SSAB’s quality metal are lightweight compared to standard modules and almost invisible from a distance. 

If you are planning to go solar, look no further. Solar energy, durability, and minimalist Nordic design all in one roof. Doesn’t it sound great?


2. Safe and durable products

When people decide to go solar, their top concern is often the safety and durability of solar roofing solutions.

As we have mentioned in the previous section, we use SSAB quality metal together with GreenCoat® coat, a premium Nordic-quality steel suitable for harsh weather conditions, that can withstand even the toughest weather conditions.

Advantages of Roofit.Solar's solar metal roofs with integrated PV


To help you better understand, we compiled  a list of ten things to know about our metal roofs with integrated PV, as well as general features of metal roofs: 

  1. Metal roofs are lightweight.
  2. The metal roof itself is highly fire-resistant. We also carry out safety tests on our products and only use inverters with Arc fault Interrupters
  3. Importantly, our metal solar roofs are durable due to the backsheetthey do not rot, rust, split, or crack.
  4. Typically, regular panels are protected on the back by a 0.3mm layer of plastic backsheet. At Roofit.Solar, we use 0.5mm steel instead. 
  5. Conventional panels allow water vapor and oxygen to diffuse through the back surface, causing corrosion in the elements over time. No such diffusion occurs through our 0.5mm steel. In short, we can confidently say that Roofit.Solar products age more slowly.
  6. Because we offer an integrated solution – the roof and integrated solar panels together – it is more robust compared to traditional roof-mounted solar panels.
  7. Our products have better mechanical stability – they are smaller and they have more support points due to the roof structure underneath.
  8. If there is a lot of snow, there will be no micro cracks and therefore no dramatic loss of productivity, thanks to the mechanical stability of our solar roofs 
  9. Our integrated roofs are all tested to a certain snow load
  10. The general life expectancy of SSAB metal is 50-100 years


To learn more about our products before going solar, read our article “What makes Roofit.Solar’s solar metal roofs safe and durable”. 


3. A unique combination of design and technology

Did you know that Roofit.Solar was born out of a personal need?

Our founder Andri Jagomägi researched and tested solar panels at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) for over 15 years.

Meet the team:  From the left – Andri Jagomägi (Founder), Andres Anijalg (CEO) and Raimond Russak (CFO)


When it came to designing his own house, Andri wanted a solar roof that looked like a normal roof, but at the same time produced clean energy. He did not like the existing solar solutions, such as solar panels, as they were all expensive, bulky, and unattractive. 

Eventually, Andri decided to create his own solar roof – one that was both smart and beautiful – and founded Roofit.Solar in 2016. 

Since then, we have been producing beautiful solar roofs that combine the traditional Nordic metal roof design with solar technology. The results are:

  • metal roofs that are almost invisible from a distance,
  • a solar roof that blends perfectly into any environment,
  • an integrated solar system that complements the beauty of your home. 

If you’re interested in hearing more of our story and you want to go solar with us, take a look here


4. Guidance and support from a team of experts

One thing that we pride ourselves on is (in addition to our beautiful solar roofs), simply, our team. 

At Roofit.Solar, everyone – from engineering to sales – is dedicated to our mission of building a cooler planet through our solar roofs. 

Roofit.Solar team working, making a presentation


Our team has doubled in size since 2021 and what has brought us together is our expertise in our fields and our love of clean energy. 

As a company founded by academics and energy experts (and ecologists, sun lovers, and clean energy enthusiasts), Roofit.Solar guides its customers through every stage of their solar journey. 

Once you complete and submit the form on our website, an expert Sales team will review it and get back to you with questions for clarification if necessary. With our own roof design programme (which we will be discussing shortly), our team will provide you with tailored suggestions based on your roof structure, location, and preferences for your new solar roof. 

You’ll be able to find answers to your questions and make sure you’re supported at every stage of the process from the first meeting through to the installation. 

To go solar with the experts and start your clean energy journey, contact us today. 


5. Full-service installation 

Deciding on which solar solution to choose is only one part of the project. Installation is ‘the’ process once you know which company to choose to go solar with.

Here at Roofit.Solar, we use our own roof design programme to create a personalized 3D project, based on your requirements and project criteria.


Thanks to our clever software, Roofit.app, our expert team can analyse not only the direction and slope of your roof but also the physical environment around your home. It can even take into account shadows cast by nearby buildings or trees.

But it doesn’t stop here. 

Our team of engineers calculates the maximum power output of your solar project and a full year’s forecast. Want to learn about the payback time? Depending on your target energy production capacity, the app will even calculate the investment cost and how long it will take for your roof to pay back itself

Speaking of the payback time…


6. Integrated solar roofs with a payback opportunity 

Did you know that the energy produced by our durable, long-lasting, and invisible solar modules can be stored in a battery or sold back to the electrical grid?

(To learn more about solar batteries and their types, take a look here.)

A house with Roofit.Solar integrated roof from Denmark
A Roofit.Solar project from Denmark


Plus, you get a smart integrated solution – a strong roof with proven solar technology  – with a one-off installation and a 10-year guarantee.  

You’ll also benefit from government incentives depending on where you live, not to mention the savings you’ll make on your monthly bills.

When you add it all up, t is no surprise that your Roofit.Solar integrated roof will pay for itself and your new roof. 

Making a smart investment, generating your own clean energy, keeping your loved ones safe, reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint, and protecting the planet – all comes with one decision.


7. A 10-year warranty 

One of the most frequently asked questions about solar roofs is whether they will last long and whether they are durable enough. It is not an easy decision to go solar, and we understand these concerns.

That’s why we help our customers after the sale as well, to make the process easy and smooth for them from start to finish. Offering a 10-year warranty is one of them.

Top view photo of a house with solar roof in Estonia
A Roofit.Solar project from Parnu, Estonia


Power Warranty: Not only are metal roofs known for their durability and longevity, but we also provide a power warranty on all our roofs: 97.5 percent on the nominal power during the first year and a warranty of 80 percent power output after 25 years.

Product Warranty: At Roofit.Solar, we offer a 10-year product warranty for our solar roofs.  Take a look here to learn more about the warranty conditions.


8. The chance to reduce both your electricity bills and carbon footprint

No matter which solar solution you opt for – be it Roofit.Solar or another firm – you’ll be generating your own energy, transforming into a ‘prosumer’, cutting down your electricity bills, decreasing your carbon footprint, and helping protect the environment.

Roofit.Solar Kolga project in Estonia, 2022
Another Roofit.Solar project from Kolga, Estonia


What makes Roofit.Solar different is that, by choosing an integrated solution, you reduce installation costs and works, thus leaving a much smaller carbon footprint

So, you contribute even more to environmental protection while generating your own energy. 


Going solar is an important decision, and it doesn’t something you do every year. At Roofit.Solar, we offer an integrated solar solution that is high-quality, long-lasting, and simply beautiful. While we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a combination of design and technology, we are also happy to guide them through their clean energy journey. 

You can achieve higher savings, reduced energy bills, increased safety for your loved ones, and a smaller carbon footprint – all with one simple decision.

  1. Fill in the offer form here
  2. Confirm request
  3. Get a tailor-made, non-binding free offer

If you are planning to replace your roof, are looking for a solar solution at the same time, and do not want to sacrifice the aesthetics of your home for solar panels, Roofit.Solar is for you. 

Request a quote today for a tailor-made plan for your home! 

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