Sustainable Roofing Success: Roofit.Solar claims Top-3 Spot in German Sustainability Awards

Das Solardach Roofit.Solar - ein Musterbeispiel bei der DGNB Sustainability Challenge

In times where climate goals are finally set out on paper and officially signed, the importance of sustainability becomes even more apparent in every industry. At Roofit.Solar, we firmly believe: sustainability begins beneath one’s own roof.

Hence, we are thrilled that the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) has selected our metal solar roof amongst the top three most innovative solutions in the German construction and retail industry in 2024. We are certain that sustainable roofing will be the trend of the industry in the following years!

The sustainability challenge by the German Sustainable Building Council acknowledges and rewards products and companies that stand out from conventional building solutions while significantly contributing to climate protection.

This year, the respected non-profit organization nominated three finalists in the categories “innovation”, “start-up”, and “research”. Special prizes will be awarded in the new category “biodioversity” as well as to student projects.

Sustainable Roofing Awarded: Roofit.Solar is among top 3 innovators at the German Sustainbale Building Council  Challenge 2024

Sustainable Roofing: Innovative, Aesthetical, Durable

The innovation of Roofit.Solar goes beyond a traditional rooftop solar solution. Our 2-in-1 solar roof seamlessly integrates the tried-and-tested, organically coated SSAB steel roofing material with the newest monocrystalline PV technology and tempered glass.

“Our solar roof is a durable and sustainable roofing solution that is not only attractive for environmentally conscious homeowners, but also perfectly suited for the commercial and public sectors, including listed and heritage buildings,” says Jenny Mortzfeldt of Roofit.Solar GmbH.

“Roofit.Solar offers a cutting-edge 2-in-1 sustainable roofing solution that seamlessly blends in with the architecture of almost any building, and elegantly combines form and function.”

Roofing Industry Going Solar

The integration of an energy-producing PV system with a metal roof is simple yet ingenious: the installation is similar to that of traditional standing seam roofs which have been built for over a hundred years. This makes our solar roofs an exciting option for traditional metal roofing companies considering going solar.

Furthermore, Roofit.Solar offers the roofing industry the opportunity to go solar with a CO2 footprint that is around 10 % lower than the combination of a rooftop PV system with traditional roofing materials.

Sustainability Challenge 2024: Online-Voting

On Tuesday, 14 May 2024, all finalists of the DGNB Sustainability Challenge 2024 will present their solutions during an online pitching event.

Following the presentations, there will be a public vote, and on 18 June 2024, the winners will be announced during the DGNB Sustainability Day in Stuttgart.

We invite you all to tune in to our presentation to learn more about the vision of Roofit.Solar and how we put this into sustainable practice!

Please also take a look at our online photo gallery for the variety and quality of our sustainable roofing solutions.