Why Roofit?

There are many reasons why to choose Roofit.Solar building integrated roof panels. We will enlist some for you to consider.

It looks beautiful

  • Our roof looks like a standard non-solar roof.
  • Beautiful traditional Nordic roof design.

It is economical

    • More affordable compared with the combination of regular roofs and conventional solar panels.
    • Our roof pays back its installation cost several times during its lifetime.
    • Improves the energy class of the house by one level.
    • Reduces or eliminates a home’s electricity bill.

Easy to install

    • Well known roofing solution and easy to install by traditional roofing companies.
    • More durable than standard solar panels.

Makes you independent

    • Start producing electricity and generating revenue immediately.
    • Making the investment once, you can enjoy the production of electricity over decades.
    • Replaces the expensive grid electricity with your own power generation.