Ando Konrad

Technical Sales Consultant

Ando communicates with our clients daily to find the best solution for them.

Mart Mustkivi

Export Manager

Mart is taking care that our products will be available all over the world.

Ziad Eldoadoa

Ziad Eldoadoa

Sales Manager

Ziad has helped mega institutes to reduce their electricity cost significantly due to his in-depth technical experience in PV-Systems.

Wolfgang Fasser

Export Manager

Wolfgang is experienced in civil engineering. He manages export for the German speaking countries.

Helen Anijalg MSc

Export Manager

Helen has been working in national export agency. She will open doors to new markets and new opportunities.

Andres Anijalg

Chief Operating Officer

Andres has comprehensive experience with large-scale international energy projects from his days in Enefit (Eesti Energia).

Andri Jagomägi PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Andri has 15 years of experience with PV technologies research in Tallinn Technical University

Dan Hüvonen PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Dan has scientific background in experimental physics from NICPB and ETH Zurich and has worked in IT sector.

Grete Regina Severt

Sales Operations Specialist

Grete assumes operational tasks to allow hard-core sellers to focus and get better on what they do best: selling.

Iryna Yakobiuk MSc

Product Development Manager

Iryna is responsible for the development of the existing and new products and cooperates with the suppliers.

Adam Erki Enok MSc

Product Development Specialist

Adam uses his experience to launch a new energy market product for the owners of PV roofs to help them earn bigger revenues.

Jan Puntussov MSc

Electrical Engineer & Project Manager

Jan is experienced and certified project engineer who always knows what to do, how to do and when.

Martin Kontus

Chief Information Officer

Martin has 10 years of experience in building up new projects and leading teams in technology & IT.

Raimond Russak

Chief Financial Officer

Raimond has been in finances for a long time. Latest challenges were in TV3 & Kidzone TV.

Tea Mariamidze 

Technical Writer

Tea has good experience in writing and journalism. She is responsible for writing technical documentation.


Chief Fun Officer

Elli keeps our premises secure and takes care of our good mood.