Roofit.Solar’s Highlights from Nexpo Tallinn

As the sun set on the horizon of Nexpo Tallinn 2023, the Roofit.Solar team returned with hearts full of hope and minds buzzing with ideas. It was a gathering where the brightest minds in clean technology converged to share, inspire, and forge new paths toward sustainability. We were there not just as participants but as innovators, leading the charge in the solar roofing revolution. From thought-provoking presentations to envisioning the potential beauty of solar roofs, here’s a glimpse into our journey at Nexpo Tallinn, encapsulating our aspirations and the steps we’re actively taking towards a greener, more aesthetically pleasing future.

Andres at the Cleantech Forum Europe

At the heart of Roofit.Solar’s mission is a story of innovation, and at the forefront of that narrative is our CEO, Andres Anijalg. At the Cleantech Forum Europe, he captivated the audience with his compelling vision for a sustainable future, anchored by Roofit.Solar’s cutting-edge technology.

Andres spoke with conviction about the urgent need to embrace renewable energy, emphasizing the role of our solar roofs in this global movement. “Our technologies are more than a product; they’re a promise—a promise of a self-sustaining home, a reduced carbon footprint, and a testament to what innovation can achieve when it’s driven by the desire to make a difference,” he said.

The energy in the room was palpable as Andres outlined the roadmap for Roofit.Solar’s expansion and our commitment to quality, sustainability, and design. “Every solar roof we install is a step toward a greener planet, and a statement that beauty and functionality can coexist,” he asserted.

As Andres concluded his presentation, the message was clear: the future is bright, and Roofit.Solar is leading the charge into a new era where every building has the potential to be a beacon of energy independence.

Greg’s Spotlight at Nexpo

Greg Grace, our CGO, captivated the Nexpo audience with a presentation that was as educational as it was visionary. He pointed out the stark reality of climate change with facts that hit close to home: “October was the hottest October on record,” emphasizing the urgent need for action.

He spoke about the role of buildings in energy consumption and emissions, emphasizing the significant opportunity we have to transform buildings into sustainable structures: “Buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumption and 36% of the CO2 emissions in the EU.”

Greg also addressed the practicality and aesthetics of Roofit.Solar’s products: “It’s invisible, it’s inspiring, and it’s innovative,” he asserted, presenting our integrated roofing solution as a smarter, more harmonious way to harness solar energy without compromising on style.

With a clear message of innovation and sustainability, Greg’s presentation at Nexpo left the audience with a lasting impression of Roofit.Solar’s commitment to a greener future.

Watch the video below.

A meeting place for like-minded people

Nexpo Tallinn’s exhibition space was alive with innovation, and at the heart was the Roofit.Solar booth – a beacon of progress in solar technology. As attendees wandered through the hall, our booth stood out as a microcosm of the future we envision: roofs that aren’t just structures, but power sources.

“Our booth was a meeting place for homeowners and businesses to witness the fusion of high-end design with robust solar functionality,” explained Jorma, our Sales manager. “It’s one thing to hear about our solar roofs; it’s another to see and touch them, to truly grasp the ingenuity we’re offering.”

Throughout the event, the booth served as a collaborative space, inviting lively discussions, sparking curiosity, and fostering connections. Prospective customers marveled at the sleek design of our solar panels, while potential partners consulted with our experts, delving into the technical and aesthetic aspects that set our products apart.

The Roofit.Solar booth wasn’t just a showcase; it was a crossroads where the future of energy met the now, inspiring everyone who stopped by to imagine a world powered by the sun, starting with their own rooftops.

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As we reflect on the fruitful days spent at Nexpo Tallinn, we’re invigorated by the prospect of what comes next. Our journey doesn’t end here; it accelerates with every rooftop we transform into a source of clean, renewable energy. Whether you’re looking to join this revolution by integrating our solar solutions into your home or seeking to align with us through partnership opportunities, we’re ready to collaborate.

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Let’s harness the power of the sun and pave the way for a cleaner, greener world with Roofit.Solar.