For distributors

Economics roof covers its own investment cost 2-6 times over its lifetime.

With the existing subsidy and support schemes in different countries the effect is even larger.


Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is one of the fastest growing segments in the solar industry with an estimated annual growth rate of 51% between 2018-2024.

BIPV expected worldwide growth rate (GAGR) is more than 50% annually.


EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.
All new buildings must be nearly zero energy buildings by 31 Dec 2021. Public buildings by 31 Dec 2018

EU climate neutrality by 2050

Renovation wave

We are committed to the success of our brand and for this reason we are looking for the most qualified partners in each individual market to establish a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship. In order to introduce our product we organize training seminars for new potential distributors. The seminars cover topics like:

  • History of Roofit Solar Energy (overview of completed projects)
  • Overview of the current products
  • Overview of the installation manual, data sheets and warranty conditions
  • How to plan and design a solar system with panels
  • Top 10 mistakes in designing and installing solar roofs
  • Marketing toolbox (presenting videos, pictures, articles available for starting sales of
  • Frequently asked questions by clients
  • Lessons learned in the sales process

In order to join export network as a local distributor you need to sign an official contract. distributor must have an independent capability for:

  • employing a sufficient number of knowledgeable and experienced sales and technical personnel for marketing, selling and installing the Products,
  • designing and planning of solar metal roofs (calculations for clients),
  • establishing cooperation with local sellers of metal roof material,
  • installing metal roofs (professional certified metal roof installers already on payroll) or establishing cooperation with local professional metal roof installers,
  • performing engineering and construction of electrical installations,
  • showing previous experience with solar system installations (electricians on payroll or outsourced),
  • offering professional customer service and aftercare of system (during next 25 years of warranty period),
  • ordering minimum 50kW (330m2) of material regularly,
  • integrating sales info to current company webpage or developing a new professional webpage,
  • translating marketing materials and technical information to local language.

We are happy to hear more about your company to analyse cooperation potential. Contact us via email