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What is the cost of the solar roof?

The cost of the whole roof is depending on a number of variables like size of the roof, complexity of the installation, location etc. We offer solar panels and roofing elements, such as rain gutter, drainage, ventilation etc. For a cost estimation, please send us the details of your roof.

What is the life-time of your roof?

The roof materials as such have a lifetime of 50+ years. Our solar part of the roof can last for more than 30 years. After 30 years you can still have 85 % of initial power output.

Warranty conditions?

Warranty for power output is 30 years, and after 30 years you will have only 15% of loss of the whole system. Warranty for PUR coating, metal surface cover that protects the metal from harsh conditions and gives a metal its colour, is 20 years. Finally, the technical warranty of the metal is 50 years.

Can you step on the roof?

Yes. Our product has much more resistance to physical loads and durability to any harsh condition than conventional solar panels. Please also check the test videos on our main page.

Is it easy to put them on the roof?

Alongside the high durability, high quality and great visual appearance, other big advantage of our product is that it is very easy to mount and connect on the roof. The installation does not require any extra installation accessories than traditional metal roof.

Who will make the connections?

We cooperate with roofing companies for each installation and the connections are made by their installation team. So they have the technical capability, knowledge and experience to install our products.

Is it ok to install panels if the roof is not directly to South?

Yes. Your house does not necessarily have to face to South. Depending on the location, solar panels have also capacity to produce energy when the house is facing West and East.

Is it possible to cover tile roof with your solar panels?

Unfortunately, we only work on metal roofs. However, if you decide to renovate your roof and change your tiles to metal roofing, we would be happy to help you.

Can you organize off-grid system?

Yes, on requests, we are able to make off-grid systems as well as on-grid systems. We also offer our solar panels for private vehicles or caravan owners. You can contact us for any of your special request.

Can Roofit solar panels go on top of an existing roof?

The old roof needs to be removed to install a new one. Existing roofs have already roofing elements and ventilation systems in place and it is complicated to make the cable connections.

What colours are available?

At the moment, product colour range is limited to black, white, and light grey. Our product development continues for other colour options, so if you have a special request, you are welcome to contact us.

Where can I buy your product?

Please call, mail or contact us via our Facebook page.