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Electric car charging from a solar battery
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Allt du behöver veta om solcellsbatterier

A Roofit.Solar project from Sweden

Kundberättelse: ”Du behöver inte se solpaneler för att producera solenergi.”

Patrick is one of the first Roofit.Solar Swedish clients and has been enjoying his solar roof since August 2019. The roof is 13,15kW and it is located in central Sweden, Gävleborg County, in a beautiful city Arbrå.

Solar roof that looks good

Kundberättelse: ”Mitt banbrytande solcellstak ser fantastiskt ut.”

Andi is a proud solar roof owner who completely eliminated his electricity bills after installing a 12kW system. He always liked the idea of solar energy but not how regular solar panels look, so he started looking for more aesthetic solutions.