Heigo is one of the people who made an environment-friendly decision and installed Roofit.solar electricity-producing metal roof on top of his guesthouse. He wrote us a letter, sharing his personal experience and the story of his solar metal roof.

“Next to my Võrumaa country house there was an old, already on the verge of collapse house, which, in addition to a different look, had an interesting history. The house was built in 1920 and was given to a person who fought in the War of Independence. However, the logs of the house were brought from another house built in 1870. The thing that gives this house a special look is that it is located on a slope and the foundation is 41 cm oblique on one side with its door and windows. Together with my family we decided to buy this property and turn it into a guesthouse.

When I was in Australia in 2017, I heard about Tesla’s sun roofs. The topic was very interesting and around a year later I visited the Roofit.solar website. The decision to install Roofit.solar sun roof came  together with the decision to start the renovation of the house.

As I already had a previous experience with two small power plants, I was even more interested and willing to try the third solution. In addition, the opportunity to be environmentally friendly seemed to be an inspiring idea.

I immediately got in touch with Ando Konrad, Roofit.solar Sales Consultant, with whom we had a very good cooperation and who also visited our house on site. Due to the sloping condition of the house, it was quite a challenge to install the solar roof but fortunately all went well and soon the house with an interesting history had an electricity-producing roof,” Heigo’s letter reads.

Ando Konrad also recalls the guesthouse on-site visit very well. The first thing he mentioned were the builders of the house – nice and sincere men who communicated with him in Võru accent. However, despite a slight language barrier, the conversation succeeded.

Finally, Heigo and I went to Munamäe to grab some food in a café. It was such a beautiful day,” said Ando, ​​Roofit.solar Sales Consultant.

Metal solar roof in Võrumaa

The total roof area of Heigo’s house is 89.2 m2, of which 72.12 m2 is electricity-producing material. The power of the roof is 10.72 kW.

February 2021