, a manufacturer of innovative solar roofs, started new ambitious development projects with the support of the Estonian-Norwegian cooperation program “Green ICT”. The company is expanding production, attracting new investors and developing two new unique electricity generating roofing materials. opened its first production building in Tallinn a year ago, today the production area has already been expanded twice. The company plans to fully automate the production line and develop the solar roof planning software needed for global growth.

“Thanks to the new solar metal roof planning software, we can make the whole process more efficient. By 2025 there will probably be at least 10,000 metal solar roofs around the world,” said Andri Jagomägi, CEO of

In parallel, the development of new products will be started, which would make it possible to offer modular steel roof tiles similar to a traditional tile roof, as well as click roof panels that would fit perfectly with the so-called Classic profiles.

“Installation of clickable solar panels is faster and cheaper. Builders, architects and real estate developers are already in line to get this product for new roofs. We plan to enter the market with this product in 2021, because the demand for solar energy solutions in export markets is constantly growing, ”said Andri Jagomägi, CEO of

“More and more customers are asking for a roof solution with solar panels and are pleasantly surprised to hear about building-integrated solar panels. Thanks to the cooperation between Ruukki and, the customer will receive a high-quality two-in-one electricity-producing roof, ”said Kristjan Keert, Ruukki’s Baltic sales manager. is a fast-growing Estonian company that has developed a unique metal roofing material integrated with monocrystalline silicon elements. The innovative solar roof looks like a traditional steel roof and is electrically as powerful as conventional solar panels. Currently, standing seam solar panels are produced that are integrated with Ruukki’s profile and fit well with Scandinavian architecture. More than 100 roofs have already been installed, mainly in Estonia, but also in Sweden, Germany, Austria and Norway.’s new products are also suitable for those countries where stone tile imitation roofs are more architecturally preferred. development projects (“ process innovation for developing software and automated production line” and “ product development”) are co-financed by the Estonian-Norwegian cooperation program “Green ICT”. The project manager is Helen Anijalg (). In addition, the company has opened an investment round to new investors. The total cost of the development plans for the period 2020-2023 is approximately 2.4 million euros. The aim of Enterprise Estonia’s Norwegian program “Green ICT” is to support the sustainable development of Estonian entrepreneurs.

September 2020