received a silver medal from the European Business Award for Environment (EBAE) in the category Product and Services for its eco-innovative roofing solution and outstanding contribution to sustainable development.

“Roofit Solar Energy, a cleantech company, has built a “2-in-1” solution that looks like a traditional steel roof, but produces solar electricity and reduces the CO2 footprint of houses,” EBAE website reads.

The EBAE award in Product and Services category is for the successful placing on the market of a new product or service that makes an outstanding contribution to sustainable development. The product or service may be a new or modified design, or the innovative application of an existing one, in a way that promotes more sustainable patterns of production and consumption or contributes to a sustainable circular economy. produces solar metal roofs that have a beautiful Nordic-style design. Our modules serve a dual purpose – they act as the roof covering and power generators at the same time. They represent building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) construction elements that replace the conventional roofing materials, while electricity is produced in a photovoltaic layer integrated into the metal sheet.

On average, in Estonia one 10 kW solar roof eliminates around 4 tons of carbon emissions annually, which is roughly equivalent to planting over 100 trees per year. Larger installations can have 10 times the effect, therefore, our product plays a huge role in mitigating accelerated climate change.

March 2021