Bianka is one of the happy customers of who owns an electricity-generating metal solar roof in Tartu County. When sharing her solar roof story, Bianka said that her house used to have a tile roof upon purchase but for some reason, the tiles started to crumble over time and water used to accumulate here and there.

“Something had to be done. According to the project, the house should have had a tin roof and we also wanted the new roof to be made of metal sheets. As we usually have been going for environmentally friendly and practical solutions, this time we also wanted to do the same,“ Bianka said.

She explained that roofs had initially caught her eye a year or two ago from Facebook, but then there was no need to change the roof. However, the idea seemed exciting – to have a tin roof with solar panels on top in such a way that it would not be unsightly or look like a so-called double roof which consists of roofing material and solar panels separately. In the end, they could not find any better solutions than product.

“The fact that the roof replacement took place this year was mainly caused by the emergency situation in the country, imposed in the spring due to Covid 19 spread. We had a lot of time and we also wanted to apply for renewable energy subsidy for the solar system this year,” Bianka said.

According to her, at first, it was quite difficult to understand what had to be done to build a so-called solar station on their roof. A lot of time was spent searching on the Internet and initially, it got even more confusing. Gradually, asking for information here and there, she made a list of places and people who could be contacted for detailed information, and some offers began to emerge. The whole process took around half a year.

“Many thanks to the team, who patiently answered a lot of questions, offered solutions and recommended partners. Cooperation with the company was fast and smooth. The roof was installed by the Ehitajad24 team. We have been able to enjoy a new roof for 2 months and got almost a non-existent electricity bill in September. Never before has the weather been so important to us. Every day we wonder if the sun is shining and if the roof is generating electricity or not. We are looking forward to spring and summer, hoping to produce enough electricity so that we do not have to spend money on electricity next winter,” Bianka said.

Bianka’s house has a total of ​​170 m2 roof area, of which 78.6 m2 is electricity-producing material. The roof power is 11.76 kW and it is located in Tartu County.

December 2020