This innovation comes from Estonia. First roofs were installed in 2017.  There are metal roofs in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Estonia.

A regular roof will never reach a payback time, whether you wait 100 years or not. In Nordics, a roof has an average payback period of 7-12 years, it is mostly depending on the electricity price and national renewable energy support system. Electricity bills are reduced instantly and one can also earn from selling electricity into the grid. is using sustainable Swedish GreenCoat® steel. Metal is combined with highly efficient photovoltaic cells. The solution looks just like a normal steel roof. It allows buildings to produce their own electricity to be used, stored in a battery or contributed back to the electrical grid. panel produces 150W of energy per m2. Installing is easy and follows the same logic as standard standing seam metal roofs. The panels are more durable than traditional solar panels. has won many awards:

  • Swedish Steel Prize 2019
  • Clean Air Challenge Award
  • German Energy Agency Top 100 energy startups in the world in 2019 and 2020.
  • Estonian Environmentally Friendly Product 2018

The roof panels come in 3 sizes: 110 W, 135W and 160W. The metal sheet thickness is 0.5 mm, the final product is 4 mm. The standard colour black is the most cost-efficient material.

Electrical production will depend on roof size and the location/roof angle. For example 100 m2 roof is ca 15kW. The panels are suitable for facades, new and historic buildings. panels advantages:

  • Positive climate and environmental impact.
  • Looks like a standard non-solar steel roof.
  • Savings on materials as no extra mounting system is needed.
  • The cell efficiency is the same as in standard monocrystalline cells (20-22%).
  • Less contacts under the modules that makes the connections on the roof much easier.
  • Monocrystalline cells are more efficient and durable than thin film solar cells.
  • Cheaper than a regular roof with conventional solar panels.

Resellers in Sweden:

Energihusteknik AB
Phone: +46 761 950 005

Leax Bygg-Flatningsindustri AB
Phone: +46702021893

Teknik&Energi I Linköping AB
Phone: +46 72 250 26 65

March 2020