got EUR 378,423,36 (without VAT) grant under the NUTIKAS project aimed to investigate the degradation mechanism in chosen polymeric encapsulants used in the photovoltaic industry. The implementation period of the project is 1.05.2020-31.08.2022 and it is supported by the Estonian Research Council and the Archimedes Foundation. Energy is currently cooperating with the Laboratory of Optoelectronic Materials Physics at TalTech, Institute of Material and Environmental Technology. The results of this project will be instrumental in the improvement of the current Energy product as well as in developing the next generation BIPV products.

The project is split into 6 work packages. The last work package was finalized at the end of December and investigated the degradation in polymers and full solar modules under extreme environments such as damp heat, temperature cycling, and UV irradiation. In cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), focused on the determination of the cross-linking degree in various encapsulants, the water vapor transmission rate, UV-Vis measurements as well as IV, electroluminescence, and adhesion testing. In addition, a qualitative method for determining the degradation of encapsulant in the factory environment is being investigated and will be finalized in the current work package.
The findings will be finalized and published.

More information can be found here.