Lars is a proud owner of electricity-producing metal roof in Sweden, who has been enjoying the benefits of his solar roof for 1,5 years. He contacted us to share his positive experience.

“I am very proud of my solar roof. It is aesthetically pleasing and looks exactly like an ordinary roof. At the same time, it is using solar energy and saves electricity costs for me. My sunroof is 33 m2 and has generated 4546 kWh over a 1.5 year period for the 160m2 living space. Due to my investment in a solar roof, I have saved Sec. 6819 (around Eur 670.50) and I have been twice as happy every time the sun is shining.

The solar roof also provides electricity in winter, even during some gray days. During a sunny winter day, the metal sheets get warm, the snow melts and the roof can provide around 7kWh. However, the output is the best on summer days – around 37kWh a day. The best way to save costs and reduce consumption is to use electrical appliances when the sun is shining.

The decision of getting a sunroof is an intelligent and environmentally friendly way of generating electricity. It is a very pleasant experience when you look at your inverter and see how much money you save. I hope that soon everybody will have the opportunity to make an investment in solar roofs, as in Sweden, you can show your sunroof purchase invoice and get a 15% reduction of the total cost, ” Lars’s email reads.

Lars Brusell got so interested in metal solar roofs that he decided to become our local distributor in Sweden. He visited us in Estonia to study our product and collect all the necessary information about it. Today his company LEAX BYGG is one of our two sellers in Sweden.

The building is located in Jättendal, a locality situated in Nordanstig Municipality, Gävleborg County. The total roof area is 73 m2. The power of the 33 m2 electricity-producing part is 4,72 kW.

April 2021