“We first planned our secondary building as a solid wooden house with a wooden roof. A few years later, when we finally started designing the house, we noticed solar panels for roofs here and there.

Thinking about  green energy seemed very attractive, so in the architectural drawing of our designed house we placed the roof windows on the northern side instead of southern, contrary to the original roof plan. In case of such a change, it would be possible to cover the southern part of the roof  with solar panels.

It took a few more years to find a reliable and quality builder for our building, that was still stuck on the foundation stage. However, there is no harm without good. At the same time, new (solar) roof panels with the Roofit.solar trademark, created in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology, appeared and attracted attention of media . This is how my husband reached the Roofit.solar website through an article in  Eesti Ekspress. We read, evaluated, calculated, and discussed. Finally, we both had a clear idea about our roof planning. We decided to have a solar roof on one side and a traditional sheet metal roof on the other.

With this idea, we made a decision to go for Roofit.solar product. Roofit.solar solution is unique, innovative, aesthetic and Estonian. The fact that Roofit.solar seemed to us a reliable company with dignified background (its investors and founders who are professors), certainly helped us to make the decision. In addition, the compatibility of the solar roof with Ruukki conventional roof and the small size of the inverter were pleasantly surprising.

The construction company OÜ Mördiööbik, which carried out the construction of our house, was given the task of contacting the sales consultant of Roofit.solar, with whom all further cooperation went well. As a result, a brewery with future technology emerged next to our 100-year-old farmhouse.”

The roof area of the brewery is 150 m2 in total, of which 62.33 m2 is electricity-producing material. The power of the roof is 9.35 kW.

Maria-Maren Linkgreim

Hostess of Üdruma Liivamäe farm

November 2020